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We are a local company and buy houses in Clark County, NV and Pahrump. When you sell to us there are no repairs, loans, appraisals, or hassles. We can buy even if you have no equity. Sometimes you can stay in your house and if not, we’ll make sure you have a place to live.

Get an offer fast by filling out the form below.

  1. While we’d love to speak with you (you can call or text us at 702-830-9578), we understand your concern about speaking with a high-pressure salesperson. While that’s not us, we want you to feel completely comfortable and NOT pressured. So if you want an offer but don’t want to speak with anyone yet, just fill out the form and we’ll email you our cash offer. If you want an offer emailed to you without a call, just leave the phone number blank on the form.

  2. We’ll get you a free no-obligation cash offer – typically within 24 hours. Of course, if you don’t like the offer, you can just walk away. There are no fees to you.

  3. This offer will be based on the information you provide us. If the offer is acceptable, we’ll need to see the property (or at least photos of it) before we sign the contract. After we see the property and the contract is drafted, you’ll sign the contract either in person or electronically.

  4. Next, we’ll pay you cash at closing for your Las Vegas house fast. Closing can be as fast (3-5 days) or as slow as you’d like.

  5. IMPORTANT: For us to email you a quote, we need certain information about the property. In summary, we want to help you solve your problem. Please include this information in the last text box of the form:
    • Why are you selling?
    • Would you like to continue living in your home?
    • Is your house on the market now?
    • What do you think a reasonable sales price would be?
    • Do you need to sell quickly (if so, how fast)?
    • What is the condition of your house (1=extremely poor, 10=perfect)?
    • Do you have a mortgage (if so, are you behind on payments)?
    • What concerns do you have about selling (e.g., where to live)?

      And if you sell your house to us, there are no realtor fees, no repairs, no cleaning, no waiting on loan approvals, no realtor showings, and no hassles.

      You’ll receive an email offer from us, typically within 24 hours after completing the form.

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